A potassium-sparing diuretic, the action of which is due to antagonism with aldosterone (mineralocorticosteroid hormone of the adrenal cortex).


Each film-coated tablet contains:

  • Spironolactone USP 25 mg
  • Approved casing dyes used
  • essential hypertension (as part of combination therapy);
  • edema syndrome in chronic heart failure (can be used as monotherapy and in combination with standard therapy);
  • conditions in which secondary hyperaldosteronism may be detected, including cirrhosis of the liver accompanied by ascites and/or edema, nephrotic syndrome, as well as other conditions accompanied by edema;
  • hypokalemia/hypomagnesemia (as an adjuvant for its prevention during treatment with diuretics and when it is impossible to use other methods of correcting potassium levels);
  • primary hyperaldosteronism (Conn’s syndrome) – for a short preoperative course of treatment;
  • to establish the diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism.


The dose is set individually depending on the severity of disturbances in water-electrolyte metabolism and hormonal status.

For essential hypertension, the daily dose for adults is usually 50-100 mg once and can be increased to 200 mg, and the dose should be increased gradually, once every 2 weeks. To achieve an adequate response to therapy, the drug must be taken for at least 2 weeks. If necessary, adjust the dose.

For idiopathic hyperaldosteronism, 100–400 mg per day.
For severe hyperaldosteronism and hypokalemia, the daily dose is 300 mg (maximum 400 mg) in 2-3 doses; as the condition improves, the dose is gradually reduced to 25 mg per day.

For hypokalemia and hypomagnesemia caused by diuretic therapy, the drug is prescribed at a dose of 25-100 mg per day once or in several doses. The maximum daily dose is 400 mg if oral potassium supplements or other methods of replenishing the deficiency are ineffective.

For the diagnosis and treatment of primary hyperaldosteronism, and as a diagnostic tool for a short diagnostic test, the drug is prescribed for 4 days at 400 mg per day, dividing the daily dose into several doses per day. If the concentration of potassium in the blood increases while taking the drug and decreases after its discontinuation, the presence of primary hyperaldosteronism can be assumed.

For a long-term diagnostic test, the drug is prescribed in the same dose for 3-4 weeks. When correction of hypokalemia and arterial hypertension is achieved, the presence of primary hyperaldosteronism can be assumed.

After the diagnosis of hyperaldosteronism is established using more accurate diagnostic methods, as a short course of preoperative therapy for primary hyperaldosteronism, the drug should be taken in a daily dose of 100–400 mg, divided into 1–4 doses throughout the entire period of preparation for surgery. If surgery is not indicated, then the drug is used for long-term maintenance therapy, using the lowest effective dose, which is selected individually for each patient.