Lindavit Capsules

Lindavit Capsules

Helps ensure bone strength and reduce the risk of developing rickets and osteomalacia. Maintaining normal vitamin D levels is essential at any age, but especially as you age, when your risk of falls and bone fractures increases.


Each soft gelatin capsule contains:
Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) USP 60,000 IU
Excipients qs
Approved dyes for capsule shells are used.
Proper excess is added to compensate for loss of vitamins during storage.

Used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent:

• for the prevention and basic therapy of osteoporosis (menopausal, senile, steroid, idiopathic, etc.) and its complications (bone fractures);
• to replenish vitamin D3 deficiency during the period of intensive growth in adolescence and young adulthood (to achieve the maximum peak of bone mass);
• to compensate for the lack of vitamin D3 in elderly people.

Capsules should be taken orally with water, preferably during the main meal.
Consult your physician before use.

Typically take 1 capsule once a week, or once a month, or as directed by a physician. During long-term treatment, calcium concentrations in the blood and urine should be regularly determined, as well as renal function should be determined by measuring serum creatinine concentrations. If necessary, the dose should be adjusted taking into account the concentration of calcium in the blood serum.

Liver diseases – no dose adjustment required.
Impaired renal function – the drug should not be prescribed to patients with severe renal failure.