Komnevrol Ampoules

Komnevrol Ampoules

Neurotropic B vitamins have a beneficial effect on inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the nerves and musculoskeletal system.


Every 3 ml contains:

  • Thiamine hydrochloride BP 100 mg;
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride BP 100 mg;
  • Nicotinamide BP 100 mg;
  • Cyanocobalamin BP 1000 mcg;
  • Riboflavin sodium phosphate BP eq. riboflavin 5 mg;
  • Dexpanthenol BP 100 mg;
  • Benzyl alcohol BP 2% v/v ;
  • Water for injections BP q.s.
  • prevention and treatment of hypo- and avitaminosis B1, B2, B6, B12, B3 and B5;
  • polyneuropathy (including diabetic and alcoholic);
  • facial nerve paresis and other mononeuropathies;
  • radiculopathy of various origins;
  • ganglionitis (including herpes zoster);
  • myalgia, all types of peripheral pain;
  • as part of combination therapy for atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, chronic circulatory failure, hepatitis, diabetes mellitus;
  • prevention and correction of side effects of isoniazid anti-tuberculosis drugs, antibiotics, radiation therapy;
  • in ophthalmology: hemeralopia, keratitis, iritis, cataract, corneal ulcer;
  • skin diseases: eczema and dermatoses of neurological origin, dermatitis and neurodermatitis, psoriasis;
  • period of convalescence, neurasthenia, accompanied by sleep disturbance, irritability, weakness (including muscle weakness), delayed ovulation.

At the beginning of treatment – 3 ml of the drug intramuscularly daily or every other day until the severity of pain decreases. In some cases, 1 ampoule (3 ml) 2-3 times a week. The injection solution is injected deep into the muscle.