Evening primrose oil is a rich source of linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids, which in the body are precursors in the synthesis of type 1 prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation, prevent platelet aggregation and improve blood flow.


Each soft gelatin capsule contains:

  • Evening primrose oil 500 mg
  • Excipients q.s.
  • Approved dyes are used for capsule shells
  • cardiovascular diseases – hypertension, angina pectoris, prevention of atherosclerosis and treatment of its complications (stroke, heart attack, obliterating diseases of the vessels of the lower extremities), thrombophlebitis;
  • dishormonal conditions in men and women associated with a decrease in the level of sex hormones (dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, sexual weakness in men and female frigidity, infertility), prevention of endometriosis;
  • decreased vision associated with retinopathy;
  • diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • eczema, psoriasis, dandruff;
  • brittle nails, hair loss;
  • rehabilitation after severe infectious diseases and intoxications, treatment of long-term non-healing wounds;
  • pain of various origins;
  • skin rejuvenation, including after plastic surgery, with sudden weight loss to maintain skin turgor and elasticity.

Take orally. 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day with meals, washed down with water, for 1 month.